In short, this all started due my love of traveling in Australia and taking landscape photographs in the amazing locations I have found around the country. Then I started doing portrait photography and then I decided to do the two of them together.

I now have a collection of hundreds of fairy photographs (as well as their little hero brothers) in dramatic locations from Esperance to Karratha to Broome. The images are so diverse and unique I am also now putting them together into a book. The biggest discovery I made on all my travels is that no matter where little girls were brought up they still want to fly like fairies. I met fairies in Aboriginal communities, fairies in outback stations and fairies in the Perth city centre.

In 2013 I am taking the fairies Australia-wide and need to find as many little ladies as possible. The photo shoots are free and your little fairy will be part of the Fairy Collection and possibly feature in my special fairy book.

So if you know a fairy let me know. I hope to meet your fairy soon!

Helen Osler

phone: +61 430 080 196
location: Alfred Cove, Western Australia

I am also owner of Cloudshots Photography (landscape photography for interior design)and I have also published a book of photos taken by the porters of Mount Kilimanjaro: