• DSC_3377 - Walking and skipping along the riverbed at Yiyili Community near Halls Creek
  • DSC_1797
  • DSC_8567
  • DSC_5339 - Shearing time at Bullara Station
  • DSC_0211 - You've got to love these wings and the stunning Cable Beach sunsets.
  • DSC_0127 - The now famous wailing fairies of Broome. A stressful fairy morning for everyone involved!
  • DSC_6583 - There's only one word to describe this photo - CUTE!
  • Helen Osler FairiesDSC_0110 - Under a moody, rain-heavy sky I found these two fairies watching for boats on the Swan River.
  • Helen Osler FairiesDSC_0012 - The sun was hot in the Lancelin dunes this posse of fairies.
  • Helen Osler FairiesDSC_9161 - This fairy was so enthralled by our photosession that she had a little snooze in the leaves. Looks comfy!
  • Helen Osler FairiesDSC_0596 - Farming fairy complete with Blundstone boots (Katanning).
  • DSC_7051

A unique collection of fairies photographed in the stunning, diverse and remote landscapes of Australia.

 ***TRAVEL UPDATE - Helen is now based in Karratha, WA. Book your shoot with her today!***


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